This soap has peppermint essential oil, and vanillin. Peppermint self-hybridized from water mint and spearmint, and was recognized as a distinct species in 1696. The oldest peppermint district dates from 1750 in Mitcham (the name of the highest quality cultivar), Surrey in England. Our town, St. Johns, Michigan used to be the largest producer of mint oil, in the world. Aromatherapists say it helps clear sinus congestion, is anti-inflammatory, stimulates the skin's oil production, and counters mental fogginess and lack of focus. Vanilla is a the fruit of a tropical orchid native to Mexico. Each flower is hand pollinated. Vanillin, the substance that crystallizes inside the cured seed pods is produced commercially by synthesis from eugenol extracted from cloves or cinnamon! Aromatherapists say vanilla improves confidence and is consoling. This soap gets darker with age. The dark color washing down the drain is vanillin, not dirt! Peppermint-Vanilla is my very favorite soap. It smells like York Peppermint Patties!

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