In 1994, my wife Marjie started "Stone Cloud Gardens", naturally growing herbs and vegetables and selling them in farm markets. Four years later, looking for something to do with her leftover herbs, she started making soap. It was an immediate success; so successful, she quit her night job at the end of 1999. Gardening is her first love, so when I suggested she sell her soap on the Internet, she showed little interest. I, on the other hand, think the Internet is the future of business, so I decided to start an e-business with her soap. She had already conscripted me to sell soap in craft shows, and has been threatening to have me serve an apprenticeship weeding in the herb garden, so in 2000 I decided to make my move. We now both make the soap, and sell it at a number of craft shows and farmers' markets. We hope you enjoy the soap.

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